Two different hair extension methods available

Beaded Nanolocks

✔  Reusable

✔  Addfordable

✔  3-6 months

✔  Russian hair

✔  Best for medium to thick hair

✔  Lightweight

✔  Damage free

✔  Online Consultation


✔  Discreet

✔  Russian hair

✔  Damage free

✔  Lightweight

✔  Affordable

✔  Not visible

✔  3- 7 months

✔  Fine hair/medium or thick

✔  Online consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment methods?

We do provide a payment scheme. Pop in for a free consultation and quote. You can also pay a €50 plus booking deposit here in advance of your appointment and this will go towards the full amount.

How are Nanolocks applied and what hair is used?

At Nanolocks we only use Russian hair, even though its more expensive we just couldn’t use anything else. We only seek the highest quality for our clients so that the after care is easy and the quality is long lasting. Nanolocks are applied using a tiny mini lock or probond (protien bonds), which is placed onto the hair and gently clamped or sealed to the hair shaft.  But we customise it to suit each and every client. We use a material that is much lighter and more durable to allow our clients get the most value out of every penny spent. Most of our clients describe them as barely noticeable, lightweight and addictive.

Are Nanolocks reusable and how much is it to apply again?

Yes. Nanolocks can be reused and for less than half the full price. Costs are from €50 for removal anytime up to 12 weeks after application and refitting from €105, which is only available in the beaded methods. Nanolocks can last 3-12 months with proper after care.

Protein bonds last anywhere from 3- 7 months. Once cared for correctly.

Are Nanolocks uncomfortable and will they damage my hair?

No, Nanolocks are not uncomfortable. No extension that is applied correctly should cause any discomfort, pain or even itching. If it does, you should contact your extensionist to discuss further.Damage can be caused if clients do not follow after care correctly, but as we do try adapt them to suit your life, simple steps can be followed to avoid any issues. Nanolocks do not damage the hair once the aftercare advice is followed.

How regularly should Nanolocks be maintained?

Nanolocks  should be correctly maintained anywhere from 2 months onwards. Simply discuss with your Extensionist for further information

Do I need to come in for a consultation?

No, it is not necessary to come in for a consultation. We can do it all online. Simply send in a couple of images of your own hair(front, back and sides) and an image of a look you like from our page, so we know what you would like to achieve.

We will respond with an average price and recommended look. Bear in mind, images can be deceiving, but we will do a full consultation on the day of your appointment.

Do call in anytime you wish during our opening hours for a chat.

Can I add colour using extensions?

Yes. We can add colour on the day to brighten up or change you whole look.

Do you cut and style the extensions?

Yes, all prices include cut and style so that your hair is finished to your desired look.

Can I book an appointment?

Yes of course, give us a call on 085 775 8136 to make an appointment. Please note all appointments require a 50 euro deposit.

Can I change my appointment once I book?

Yes, you can change your appointment up to 48 hours before by giving us a call on 085 775 8136.