Nanolocks MD

Sharon Condon

Hi Ladies… Welcome to the future of hair extensions. We strive for the best so our girls can look and feel a million dollars without breaking the bank. We specialise in the highest quality real Russian hair extensions.

Our Products

Tiny locks and probonds that link the hair to the extensions. We’ve sourced the highest quality of hair that is reusable but most importantly it’s affordable.

This easy removal allows for pain free maintenance every 10-12 weeks for minilinks or 5 plus months for propounds. refits are less than half of the original price. On average a full head with a natural finish is from  €249.99 for mini links or €449.99 for probonds. All applications include- consultation, application, blend, cut and style. 
Call in for a chat and tell us what you want. Feedback and client rapport is the no 1 for us all here at Nanolocks, so we have you all to thank for helping us develop the perfect brand, that works like and in harmony with the natural hair.